Blog Explosion and visitor map

Firstly let me say a nice hi to all those folks that are stopping by using Blogexplosion. I hope you enjoy your 30 second stay here! Oh and you’re more than welcome to stay longer 😀 For those who aren’t and are curious, Blog Explosion works by you signing up, then surfing other blogs, from which you earn credits that directs people to come and read your blog. Basically for every 2 blogs you read, one person reads yours. So far I’m having fun having a see of what is out there, and bringing back some ideas to my own blog. Now onto the visitor map. On the .. right hand side – had to think then, I’ve changed the location of my sidebar. There’s a little visitor map, I’m just curious as to where you folks are from 🙂 It works by calculating where your IP addresses is from! Simple, eh?!

[Listening to: Sheena Easton – For Your Eyes Only – James Bond – (3:04)]