Holidays for teddy bears

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Holidays for teddy bears are being offered by a German travel agent.

Christopher Boehm and Elke Verheugen promise “The holiday of a teddy’s lifetime with a host of activities to tempt teddy away from the loving arms of his owner for a week or two.”

As well as his own room in a luxury Munich flat teddy organiser Boehm said: “Often, bears or other stuffed toys have gone through a lot and a vacation is a great opportunity for the real man’s best friend to see something different for a change.”

The teddies spend an action packed week sightseeing, playing games and visiting a traditional teddy bears picnic, followed by a visit to a Munich beer house.

Teddy owners can also choose special activities to suit the nature of their faithful friend. Fishing, golfing, painting, and even bungee jumping and paragliding are offered, all with pictures teddy can take home to his loving owner.

Prices range from 68 pounds for locals to 100 pounds for international teddies.

Boehm says business is booming he said: “We host a tour group of up to a dozen teddies around every four weeks. The people love this idea.

Well I guess it gets the teddybear a vacation..

So.. uhm.. would you send your teddy bear on holiday!?! Or has the already mad world, gone even madder?!

Or am I the only sane person left 😮 Now there’s a terrifying though!


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  1. i suppose that this could just be an internal family scam. for instance the travel agents kid might be super attached to a teddy bear and he wants to give it a break/wean the kid off it. Just my 2 cents.

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