Samsung Galaxy S 2 – a new mob!ler mission

Being a Samsung Mob!ler definitely has its perks. I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on the brand new Samsung Galaxy S 2 and it’s been a steady companion of mine for over a week now.

See pictures here on flickr

There are 2 things you first notice about the phone once you get your grubby mitts on one:

1. The phone is incredibly light, weighing in at 116g and that is with the battery included!!

2. The 4.3″ Super AMOLED plus screen is amazing. It’s wonderfully bright, and extremely vivid. The display is crisp, very rich in detail and the colours are, wow, you just have to see it for yourself.

If that wasn’t enough the phone is incredibly thin – standing at 8.49mm – which is actually skinny enough to fit under most doors!!!!

Under the hood lies its dual core 1.2GHz processor and the current android build 2.3 or ‘Gingerbread’. That is a lot of power to wield and it does so quickly and effortlessly, with no lag or slow down. Believe me when I say this thing is fast. No matter what you throw at it the Galaxy S 2 handles it easily making multitasking a dream rather than a chore.

With the phone running on android you have access to a wide range of applications from the store that will cover most of your smartphone needs and ticks all the right boxes for me: Twitter, Facebook, Movies, F1 news, Angry Birds…. The android store also has a lot more to offer than its Samsung counterpart.

Improving on its predecessor and older brother the original Galaxy S, the mark 2 is armed with an 8mp rear camera with LED flash. The camera interface is a lot like the iphone in that the ‘processing button’ is on the touch screen rather than a separate button on the side like the Samsung Wave. So far the pictures I have taken do not disappoint. There are a range of options and modes including the awesome panoramic one that I adored on the Wave.

There is also a front facing 2mp camera suitable for video calls on Skype, or simply taking an easier self portrait.

As well as taking stunning pictures, the Galaxy S 2 also offers 1080p video recording. Which is brilliant for capturing that special event or unforgettable moment. Just remember to insert a microsd memory card as you will need one.

There was a lot of controversy over the GPS on the original Galaxy S. After putting the Galaxy S 2 through its paces I can tell you it is both quick to achieve a lock (in less than a minute), and using the My Tracks app is very accurate.

I’m also getting a good day out of the battery on the phone, this is with the wifi pretty much always on, screen at auto brightness, an alarm set to wake me up, and regular internet / twitter / facebook usage. Which is pretty good going for a smart phone being used as it was meant to.

I have really tried to find something about the phone that I dislike, but the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is definitely the phone of the moment. Incredibly fast, feature filled, light and the screen display will just bowl you over. If you’re in the market for a new phone, or don’t want to jump on the Apple bandwagon, then you won’t be disappointed with this little beauty.

Any questions, please feel free to ask 🙂