Stranded luggage NOT going on holiday any time soon

According to the BBC News Website: At least 15,000 bags are stranded at Heathrow airport after a third day of cancellations at the new Terminal 5.

NOT a good time to be going on holiday from the new Terminal 5 building. Thankfully I live too far up North that Heathrow is not my local airport…not that I’m planning on going abroad on holiday any time in the next couple of weeks. I’ve already done quite a lot of that this year already, what with Alicante and Amsterdam in the past 2 months.

Once every 4 years..

… that’s right, it’s the 29th of February. The day in which young ladies can propose and which only happens every 4 years..

Not a lot to tell really, it was also my day off, so spent that just chilling at home, watching DVD’s, playing on my PS3 and listening to my hi-fi.

Such an exciting life I lead!

Been looking into taking up Scuba Diving at the Deep in town, and I think I’ve found the bike I’d like to save up for and buy..

Yamaha XT125R

There’s this stylish black version, and a cool blue one too. I’m more tempted towards the black…

5.2 Earthquake…

The biggest earthquake to hit the UK for nearly 25 years has toppled chimneys and left roofs in dangerous conditions in the Humber region.

The worst-hit area was Grimsby but other areas affected were Cleethorpes, Goole, Bridlington and Hull.

The British Geological Survey said the epicentre of the 5.2 magnitude quake was near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire.

This bad boy woke me up at 12.56am this morning. My whole bed was shaking and a few DVD’s fell off my bookcase. I normally sleep through anything but obviously not Earthquakes. It was quite an experience!

OAP Playground..

From the BBC Website

OAP at play
A playground designed specifically for pensioners has opened in a park in north Manchester.

The Older People’s Play Area on the Dam Head Estate in Blackley, is kitted out with equipment to strengthen hips, tone legs and train the upper body.

I’ve just watched the video of them all playing on the equipment! I want a go!

New K.I.T.T


A sleek Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR is the new form of KITT – or Knight Industries Three Thousand.

I think it could grow on me – although I’m still partial to the Trans-am.. but we’ll see! I had reservations about the new Battlestar Galactica and now I simply love that.. 😉