Samsung mob!ler Mission #5 – Galaxy Tab Games,

The mission this week was to kill some time on my new acquired Samsung Galaxy Tab by trying out some of the games available and then writing a review.

Angry Birds

This is a free game available from the Android Market place, that contains roughly 80 puzzling levels. Although this comes at the cost of some in game adverts which don’t detract too much from the game itself.

You take the role of a flock of 4 angry Birds seeking revenge on some evil green pigs that have been stealing your eggs!!!

Having set up your bird-apult outside the evil pigs various strongholds, your aim is to fling yourself at the pigs and the structures with the aim of taking them out!

The game has a simple premise, but is highly addictive and equally frustrating as you try to work out the optimum angles and force required to accomplish your goal. In some ways it reminds me of the classic game Worms – both provide hours of time killing fun, and I’m not too good at either 😉

The Tab manages the game well, with the 7″ screen providing ample visual displays and responsive touch controls.

If you’re looking to get 1 game for the Tab I can’t recommend this one enough.

That being said, Angry Birds doesn’t over stretch the capabilities of the Tab and the graphics are not mindblowing by todays gaming standards. But if its hours of fun you are after or either a short distraction for those journeys to work you wouldn’t go wrong with this.

N.O.V.A hd

This is a FPS (first person shooter) by gameloft that is set in space. You take on the role of a retired Marine who is reactivated to duty when a crisis threatens.

There are 13 levels to this stunning 3d shooter as well as a multiplayer deathmatch mode that should keep any FPS fan entertained while out and about.

The game plays brilliantly on the Galaxy Tabs 7″ screen, the 3d rendered visuals are smooth and beautiful and make good work of the 1ghz processor.

While playing I suffered no slowdown or lag in the gameplay even when facing multiple hostiles.

There are two main ways to control your character in the game, the first approach involves a touchscreen? joypad for movement, and dragging your finger across the screen for aiming. This works surprisingly well and once familiar with the controls aiming and taking out enemies before they got you became second nature.

The second approach makes use of the Galaxy Tabs gyroscope, and has you moving your tab around to aim which adds a whole new level of realism to the game, even if it does get you some funny looks from passerbys.

If FPS games are your thing I can’t recommend N.O.V.A HD enough, and at ~£3 is definitely a bargain

Samsung Mob!ler Mission #1

On 1st October I became a Samsung Mob!ler. In exchange for a cool Samsung Wave, I get to complete 6 mob!ler missions and be in with a shot at winning a trip to Korea!! Woohoo!!

Mission #1

My wave uses an operating system (OS) called bada – which is Korean for ‘Ocean’ and is developed by Samsung!

So, why choose this when the smartphone Market is already saturated with the likes of Android, Symbian, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry OS and the iPhone OS?

Taking it straight out of the box, the Wave is easy to pick up and use making it great for newcomers to the market. The interface is thru the 3.3″ SUPER AMOLED Screen, which allows responsive access to both the widget toolbar and the home app screen.

Incorporated into the bada OS is Touchwiz 3.0 which allows you to manage and customise both the widget toolbar and app home screen thru drag and drop.

The widget toolbar directly affects the phones idle screen. This can accommodate upto 10 pages that you access by swiping either right or left. This gives you plenty of room to customise to your own personal liking!

Customisation is great but with bada itself still in it’s infancy, the Samsung store has fewer apps and widgets on offer – at least not much there to interest me at the moment. I do however expect this to change as the platform grows. Although those after some kind of VOIP like Skype are going to be disappointed as this is apparently not going to be available!

My favourite feature at the moment is the top drop down tray menu. This is where your email / SMS and other notifications are found. It is also where your music controls hide when you are surfing the Internet / using apps and widgets etc. It also provides quick and easy access to the toggle for wi-fi, Bluetooth and silent mode!

Switching between landscape and portrait mode is as easy as tilting your handset. This gives a wider screen for surfing the net, or a more spaced out keyboard for email / SMS messaging! Handy for what I have dubbed fat finger syndrome! For those that like predictive text, that option is still there. I hate it myself and would have preferred some kind of dictionary suggestion option instead, as I have a tendency to hit 1 wrong letter!

Multitasking with bada is easy too – allowing me to quickly and easily switch between twitter, facebook and surfing the net thru the task manager screen by holding down the middle button. Here you can see what is running on your phone, and either switch between them, or close one or all down immediately if you have finished. I would have liked to have seen the ability to close down the apps directly or leave them running when you exit them but this option works. And is made easy with the 1 GHz processor.

Another cool option is the importing of your phone, twitter, facebook and email contacts into one central location. This is both handy and easy to use! Although the linking of various accounts together for 1 contact has to be done manually! From here you can see what your friends are up to, contact them, arrange them into groups, or mark those you contact regularly as a favourite! Sweet!

The inbuilt calendar also incorporates dates and events from facebook, you can also throw in access to your google calendar meaning you’ll never miss an event or birthday again!

For those into music and video, bada pretty much plays whatever you throw at it and it plays them well. Got a few PDF files you want to read on the go? Again not an issue!

Overall I am impressed with the bada operating system of the wave. It has a lot of potential and is very easy to tweak and use! Samsung are expecting more apps and widgets to become available as the year wears on and I cannot wait!