Missed Clooney

Screen idol George Clooney was greeted by hundreds of screaming fans at the UK premiere of his new film Leatherheads.

I was in London at the time on Tuesday, but arrived at Leicester Square in time to see the red carpet being vanned away, and the crowd control barricades being taken down. Oh well, wasn’t much of a fan anyways!

Doctor Who Series 4

This bad boy is back on Saturday 6.20pm – Woot! Not sure about Catherine Tate – didn’t like her that much in the Runaway Bride, as she always seemed to be shouting, but who knows. It might be an okay season after all.. can’t wait!

New K.I.T.T


A sleek Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR is the new form of KITT – or Knight Industries Three Thousand.

I think it could grow on me – although I’m still partial to the Trans-am.. but we’ll see! I had reservations about the new Battlestar Galactica and now I simply love that.. 😉