Stranded luggage NOT going on holiday any time soon

According to the BBC News Website: At least 15,000 bags are stranded at Heathrow airport after a third day of cancellations at the new Terminal 5.

NOT a good time to be going on holiday from the new Terminal 5 building. Thankfully I live too far up North that Heathrow is not my local airport…not that I’m planning on going abroad on holiday any time in the next couple of weeks. I’ve already done quite a lot of that this year already, what with Alicante and Amsterdam in the past 2 months.

5.2 Earthquake…

The biggest earthquake to hit the UK for nearly 25 years has toppled chimneys and left roofs in dangerous conditions in the Humber region.

The worst-hit area was Grimsby but other areas affected were Cleethorpes, Goole, Bridlington and Hull.

The British Geological Survey said the epicentre of the 5.2 magnitude quake was near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire.

This bad boy woke me up at 12.56am this morning. My whole bed was shaking and a few DVD’s fell off my bookcase. I normally sleep through anything but obviously not Earthquakes. It was quite an experience!

Big brother is listening…

According to the BBC….

Information about all landline and mobile phone calls made in the UK must be logged and stored for a year under new laws.
Data about calls made and received will also be available to 652 public bodies, including the police and councils.
The Home Office said the content of calls and texts would not be read and insisted the move was vital to tackle serious crime and terrorism.

I’m sure next they will install CCTV in all our homes, are we really sure no one is watching right this second?!

Stolen body parts ‘sold to NHS’

BBC NEWS | Health | Stolen body parts ‘sold to NHS’

Potentially contaminated body parts allegedly stolen in the US may have been implanted into British patients, a government agency says.

Over 1,000 body parts were plundered by gangs in New York and then sold for transplants, it has been claimed

Well this was certainly a horrific read. Now I know why I don’t tend to do Doctor’s! Unless they are time travelling ones that is ๐Ÿ˜‰

And just how do you steal body parts?! Lure some poor unsuspecting fool back to a hotel, drug them, and when they wake up the next morning they are missing an arm?!?! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Such a worrying thought!

Holidays for teddy bears

This was found at Ananova

Holidays for teddy bears are being offered by a German travel agent.

Christopher Boehm and Elke Verheugen promise “The holiday of a teddy’s lifetime with a host of activities to tempt teddy away from the loving arms of his owner for a week or two.”

As well as his own room in a luxury Munich flat teddy organiser Boehm said: “Often, bears or other stuffed toys have gone through a lot and a vacation is a great opportunity for the real man’s best friend to see something different for a change.”

The teddies spend an action packed week sightseeing, playing games and visiting a traditional teddy bears picnic, followed by a visit to a Munich beer house.

Teddy owners can also choose special activities to suit the nature of their faithful friend. Fishing, golfing, painting, and even bungee jumping and paragliding are offered, all with pictures teddy can take home to his loving owner.

Prices range from 68 pounds for locals to 100 pounds for international teddies.

Boehm says business is booming he said: “We host a tour group of up to a dozen teddies around every four weeks. The people love this idea.

Well I guess it gets the teddybear a vacation..

So.. uhm.. would you send your teddy bear on holiday!?! Or has the already mad world, gone even madder?!

Or am I the only sane person left ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Now there’s a terrifying though!