Chocolate Swirls tutorial

Chocolate – most folks love it, and here’s how to achieve a chocolate swirl affect like this:

Chocolate Swirls

1. Create a new file, reset the palette by pressing D, then press X.
2. Filter >> Render >> Clouds
3. Filter >> Render >> Difference Clouds. Repeat this another three times.
4. Filter >> Render >> Lighting Effects – select Blue Omni from the style box. Move all the sliders to full.
5. Filter >> Distort >> Polar coordinates – Polar to rectangular. Repeat.
6. Filter >> Distort >> Wave – # of generators: 1, Wavelength Min: 570, Max: 943, Aplitude: 29, 743. Scale: 100% for both. Type: Sine, and select Wrap Around.
7. Invert the image with Ctrl+I
8. Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur – 1.0

And there we have it, all done! Yummy chocolate looking picture…mmmmmm

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The Matrix Code

Well it’s time for my nightly play around with online Photoshop tutorials. I’m sure you’re all aware of the Matrix movies and the green code that makes up the Matrix. Here’s a little
tutorial that will achieve this affect

Emma's Matrix code

the scary part is, it’s really very simple indeed. Take a look see…

1. Create a new document, with a white background.
2. Filter >> Texture >> Grain – move both sliders to full and select vertical.
3. Filter >> Artistic >> Neeon glow – size: 5, brightness: 15. Don’t worry about the colour for now.
4. Filter >> Stylize >> Glowing Edges – set size and smoothness to their minimum, broghtness: 10
5. Alter the hue / saturation and colorize (Ctrl+U) to the green of your choosing, and voila!

Instant matrix style code – great for making your own backgrounds and other stuff!!! Thanks to Tom Offer and the discovery of his tutorial.

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The ring

How about making one of these?

a blue ring

Reset your colours back to their basic white/black configuration.
1. Create a new document with a white background.
2. Filter >> Render >> Clouds
3. Filter >> Pixelate >> Mosaic – using a cell size of about 8.
4. Filter >> Style >> Emboss – using 135 degrees, height of 56 and amount of 115%
5. Filter >> stylize >> Find Edges
6. Invert the image (Ctrl+I)
7. Filter >> Blur >> Radial Blur – with amount: 40, Zoom and Best.
8. Filter >> Brush Strokes >> Accented Edges – width:6 Brightness: 33 and smoothness:1
9. Filter>> Stylise >> find edges
7. Invert the image again (Ctrl + I)
8. Image >> Adjustment >> Levels – 0 — 1.00 — 100
9. Repeat the Radial Blur
10. Filter >> Distort >> Polar coordinates – rectangular to polar
11. Duplicate this layer and then Edit > Transform >> Flip Vertical
12. Select Layer mode to “Color Burn”
13. Layer >> Merge Layers
14. Use the eraser to clean up any unwanted inside / outside distortions.
15. You can change the colour using the hue/saturation adjustments like before.

Not bad, eh?

Eye modifications…

Here we take a normal looking eye….
an eye - nothing special really

Then we do the following:
1. Image >> Adjustments >> Desaturate
2. Image >> Adjustments >> Levels – play with the levels until you get the contrast you’re after!
3. Using the eliptical marquee tool select the pupil (hold down Shift for a circle shape).
4. Alter the Hue and Saturation (Ctrl +U) and make sure the “colorize” button is checked and change the colour of the pupil to be whatever you want it to be.

And then you’re left with something like this..

The eye modified - ain't it pretty?

Then playing around with the various filters gives you some pretty nice looking eyes..

Stargate Water Swirl

I was browsing the internet looking for wallpaper when I came across a tutorial written in French explaining how to create a rather cool Stargate water swirl…

the instructions are pretty simple and are done in photoshop:
1. Create a new image.
2. Fill with white
3. In the second colour box select #3c3c3c
4. Select Filter >> Render >> Clouds
5. Select Filter >> Blur >> Radial Blur, with a value of 40
6. Select Filter >> Sketch >> Bas Relief, with values of: detail 13, smoothness 10
7. Repeat Radial Blur
8. Select Filter >> Sketch >> Chrome, with values of: detail 10, smoothness 5
9. Alter Hue/Saturation (Ctrl+U) to: Hue 214, Saturation 33, Lightness 0

If done correctly you should end up with something that looks like….

stargate water swirl

Not bad for someone who doesn’t speak French, eh? 😀