Samsung Game and Reader Hubs – Mob!ler mission 2 (2011)

The brief for this Mob!ler mission was to offer an insight into the following hubs found on Samsung phones.

For this mission I have used the Samsung Galaxy S II.
Samsung Readers Hub – this is where you will find the phones native ebook / magazine and newspaper readers in one convenient location.

In the video below we have a little demonstration showing the key functions and abilities of this hub.

As you can see, it is incredibly easy to use, the readers hub has a nice range of books, as well as free classics – handy for those long commutes and saves the need to carry around hefty books, large papers, or even magazines.

The only downside is you don’t get any accompanying freebies that are attached to the publications!!

With the Samsung Galaxy S2 running android, you are also not limited to using just the Readers hub, there are a number of apps in the Android store for such a purpose – such as the Amazon Kindle app, which offer similar functionality, and is handy if you have most of your ebooks purchased there!


The Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with the Games Hub. Here you’ll find a range of social games – similar to the types of games you’d find on Facebook – such as farm, city and country war/build games ala Sim City. There are also a collection of premium games from Gameloft. I can heartily recommend N.O.V.A which is a first person style shooter, and Dungeon Hunter if you like hack and slash RPG games. You can download the premium games on a try before you buy deal. Of course if none of these take your fancy, you do also have access to the Android Marketplace, where there are a number of games available. This includes free games as well as paid for games from a range of different categories. My favourites from there include 3 different Angry birds (for free) – Ordinary, Seasons and Rio. I am also a fan of Sudoku, and Reversi.

Below is a little demonstration of what you can expect from the gaming platforms available on the Galaxy S2: